1. I am truly dreading seeing my father today. He’s hateful, racist, mean, and the reason I tolerated an abusive relationship for years. I thought that kind of behavior was ok because of him. I’m glad I know better now and I’m glad I have John now. Seeing my father puts knots in my stomach, he parents with guilt. When things don’t go his way, he reminds you of every meal he ever provided for you and every hour he ever worked to pay for that meal. It took me a long time set boundaries with him, but once I did, my life became a much happier place. He still gets to me sometimes though, like when I see him treat my Mom like shit or how he has ruled over my sister so much, she pretty much replicated my father in her fiancee and has no control over her own life. He hurts my kids’ feelings a lot too. Today isn’t a good day for me.

  2. archiemcphee:

    Nick from DudeFoods (previously featured here) is always striving to come up with bigger, crazier and all around awesome ways to prepare food. One thing he’s always wanted to do is make gargantuan deviled eggs using ostrich eggs.

    It took a bit of effort to track down the eggs, but he succeed and then the fun began. Nick had to boil the eggs for two hours in order to cook them completely. Then he had to use a hammer to crack open their impressively thick shells.

    Click here to learn more about making (and then eating) deviled ostrich eggs.

    [via DudeFoods]


  3. "I shiver, thinking how easy it is to be totally wrong about people, to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole."
    Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall (via grillfriend)

    Very true.

  4. y10k:

I don’t throw the term genius around loosely, but..

Holy hell… this is genius!  Lol


    I don’t throw the term genius around loosely, but..

    Holy hell… this is genius! Lol

  5. You really need to take better care of yourself. Eat better, and get a bit of exercise man!


    Thank you for this brand new information. In over a decade of being sick, I wish I had thought of that. 

    Why is this “eat better and get exercise” idea being kept so secret? The people need to know this.

    Don’t do this. I don’t care how well-intentioned you are, telling a sick person this is a punch in the gut.

    You assume that being overweight is the reason I am unhealthy rather than a symptom. You don’t know what I eat. You don’t know that I’ve struggled to lose weight and gone to enormous lengths to do so. You don’t know that I was rejected for gastric bypass because my current illnesses made it too dangerous. You don’t know that every attempt I’ve made to come up with an exercise routine has caused me terrible energy hangovers and how frustrated I am that I can’t find an exercise solution. And you don’t know how frustrating it is to fight with every fiber of my being to achieve a better state of health… failing repeatedly… and then being told to take better care of myself. 

    I’ve probably put more effort into improving my health than you would in 20 lifetimes.

    I can see hundreds of doctors, try hundreds of medications, try physical therapy, diet plans, all sorts of scary treatments and somehow end up in worse health than when I started.

    You can eat a salad and do a pushup and maintain your good health with no problem.

    So…why don’t you google “ableist” and relieve yourself of some ignorance.  

    My reply to this poor guy….
    I sooo know the feeling! I have nine screws two rods and a plate in my lower back after two surgeries to correct a birth defect. I am now plagued with pain from scar tissue build up and nerve damage. I see a pain management doctor but have tried a chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapy, injections, yoga, and everything else you can think of. It burns me up when people call me an addict or tell me maybe if I just exercised my back wouldn’t hurt so much or say things like, does your back ever NOT hurt Jennifer, when I complain it’s killing me on a rainy day! Some people just have no clue!

  6. This.


  7. I am currently in two plays at church… a Good Friday Passion kind of play and one called Southern Hospitality written by the same people that did Golden Girls. I am really doing my best to get all my lines down for both. We are performing the Good Friday one first of course and I really hope I don’t insert any Southern Hospitality lines into the crucifixion of Jesus… now that would just be tacky y’all!

  8. Palm Sunday Service at SJA (at St John the Apostle United Methodist Church)

    Palm Sunday Service at SJA (at St John the Apostle United Methodist Church)

  9. Convo I just had with my dad

    • Dad: hey I'm gonna go grocery shopping do you need anything?
    • Me: uuuhhh....
    • Me: contemplates wether or not I should ask him to get me pads since I need them desperately
    • Dad: anything at all?
    • Me: uh... Yeah.... Can you get me some pads
    • Dad: Sure
    • Me: Are you serious? Wouldn't you be embarrassed?
    • Dad: Natalie, I'm a 56 year old man who has been buying pads for your mother for over 20 years. No I'm not embarrassed.
    • Me: But I thought guys get squirmish when we ask them to buy this stuff for us
    • Dad: boys are squirmish. Men will step out and buy you as many pads and tampons as you need. A man will understand that you cannot control your cycle and that this is a natural bodily process. So, if you ever find a guy who's too embarrassed to buy you pad just bleed on everything he owns.
    • Me: OMG DAD
  10. narputo:


    Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ

    This is one of the best responses to men against abortion ever


  11. Took Molly to Mulan today at Theater Arlington and she got to get a pic with Mulan afterwards!

    Took Molly to Mulan today at Theater Arlington and she got to get a pic with Mulan afterwards!

  12. Things I Am Currently Tired Of…

    1. Rude people.
    2. The state of Arizona.
    3. Living in Texas.
    4. Back pain.
    5. Advocare, people that sell Advocare, people that post constantly about Advocare.
    6. This cold weather.
    7. That chin hair that keeps coming back.
    8. My husband using my razors.
    9. My excessively passive aggressive coworker.
    10. My kids taking all my money and never even saying thank you.

  13. blogging-in-my-swaggy-pants:

    cambridge university students were asked on campus why they needed feminism. here are 60 answers. click the link for over about 600 more. 

    I’m crying, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week

  14. She was excited to say the least!

    She was excited to say the least!

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